All events/activities/workshops/tutoring will take place in Rutherford South Library. 

NOVEMBER 6, 2014

8:00pm: welcome by Dr. Robin Everall, Dean of Students and Dr. Christine Brown (atrium, Rutherford Library)

8:00pm: Steve Knish and Maggie Brennan: self-care drop-in of chair yoga/breathing/meditation (until 9:30 pm) (room 205B)

8:30pm: Mebbie Bell: "Dealing with distractions" (room 205)

8:30pm: Shelley & Shakiba from CAPS: rapid résumé reviews for undergraduate students (until 11pm) (tutoring area)

9pm: Katherine Koch: "Strategies for research - library techniques to make you succeed" (room 205)

9pm: Richard Dietrich from Counselling & Clinical Services: mental health "tutoring" (until 11pm) (tutoring area)

9:00pm: Michael Lahey and Debby Waldman: editing support for graduate theses and dissertations (until midnight) (tutoring area)

10pm: Rob Desjardins: "Avoiding procrastination in writing your thesis" (room 205)

10:30pm: Shanna Mumm: "Relax, sit down, and focus: Awakening the sub-conscious with Pranayama and Meditation" (yoga session, room 205B)

11pm: Shanna Mumm: "Turn that brain upside down!" (yoga session, room 205B)

11:30pm: Laura Schechter: First-year English "office hours" (until 1:30am) (tutoring area)

0:00pm: INTERNATIONAL DINNER (on the menu: Vietnamese, Chinese, and Pakistani/Indian food) (room 209)

NOVEMBER 7, 2014

0:00am: Sonya Widen and Caroline Cheng: science writing pyjama party and "office hours" (until 2am) (pyjamas are encouraged (but not mandatory) and will be rewarded with high fives) (tutoring area)

0:00am: Laura Schechter: First-year English "office hours" (until 1:30am) (tutoring area)

1:00am: Bart Lambrecht: "Are you sure this is English? An entertaining look at what you think you know about English" (room 205)

2am: Allison Sivak: "Spending too much time lost in Google?- search for quality information in your library" (room 205)

3am: Stephen Kuntz: "Staying on track: five errors to avoid when preparing your thesis/dissertation" (room 205)

4am: Anna Chilewska: "Stand up and shout: Blasting away writer's block with metal music" (room 205)

5am: Ted Bishop: "Sex and the Semicolon: how to spice up your syntax" (room 205B)

5:30am: Wendy Doughty: "Dealing with the stress of public speaking" (room 205B)

6am: Kristen Flath: "If you’re in a hole, stop digging – time to manage your time" (room 205)

6am: Michael Bodnar from CAPS: rapid CV/résumé review for graduate students (until 8am) (tutoring area)

6:30am: SURVIVORS' BREAKFAST (room 209)

8am: the end

Who are all these great people?

Allison Sivak is a librarian and current graduate student, well-versed in procrastination techniques. She wants you to know you can find quality scholarly resources, even at 2am. 

Anna Chilewska is a Writing Studies instructor, who volunteers for animal rescue organizations in her spare time.

As Learning Strategies Advisor at the English Language Program, Faculty of Extension, Bart Lambrecht assists international students to navigate the channels and shoals of academic acculturation. 

Christine Brown is the Head of the Humanities and Social Sciences Library & J.A. Weir Memorial Law Library.

Debby Waldman is an editor in Writing Resources and writes children and young adult books.

Katherine Koch is a Librarian at the H T Coutts Library specialized in guiding you carefully and strategically to the library and information resources you need now!

Kristen Flath is the Manager, Student Engagement and Academic Support Services, Department of Student Life, at NAIT.

Laura Schechter is a Contract Instructor in the Department of English and Film Studies. She's a big fan of coffee, karaoke, and correct punctuation. (Classes scheduled for 8:00am, not so much.) 

Maggie Brennan is a registered psychologist and certified yoga instructor RYT-200 with the Yoga Alliance and is presently completing her Ph.D. in counselling psychology through Educational Psychology here at the U of A.

Mebbie Bell is a Learning Resource Facilitator at the Student Success Centre and offers workshops and individual consultations on learning strategies.

Michael Bodnar is a Career Advisor at CAPS: Your U of A Career Centre, assisting graduate students with their career development and work search needs.

Michael Lahey is a veteran English instructor and edits for Writing Resources.  

Richard Dietrich is a registered psychologist working out of Counselling and Clinical Services' Triffo Hall satellite office, with an emphasis on the graduate student population. He is also a trained teacher, and he was the informal "go to person" in his graduate program for questions about APA style.

Rob Desjardins is a Graduate Writing Advisor at the Student Success Centre and offers workshops and individual consultations on writing develop and skills.

Robin Everall is the University of Alberta's Dean of Students. 

Shanna Mumm is a fun and spontaneous yogi doing a PhD about intuition in Modern Languages and Cultural Studies; she wrote her 120 page MA thesis in less than a month and would love to share her strategies for efficient procrastination techniques with you!

Shelley and Shakiba are Career Peer Educators at CAPS: Your UofA Career Centre, and students at the University of Alberta. They assist undergraduate students with their career and work search needs, including providing advice with resumes/cover letters, interviews and career management.

Sonya Widen and Caroline Cheng are PhD students in Developmental Genetics. Sonya is a TA in Biology 107 and Caroline TAs Zoology 303, and is a past Biology 207 TA. They enjoy long walks on the beach and the correct usage of a semicolon.

Stephen Kuntz is Associate Director of the Student Success Centre and co-organizer of the LNAP event.

Steve Knish is a registered psychologist and RYT-200 yoga instructor who has developed two yoga programs that are offered through Clinical and Counselling Services.  

Ted Bishop, author of Riding with Rilke: Reflections on Motorcycles and Books (which garnered a Governor General's Award nomination, a Globe and Mail “Best Book” designation, and eleven words of praise in Playboy magazine) has just published The Social Life of Ink.

Wendy Doughty is Director of the Student Success Centre and offers seminars and individual consultations on communication skills.   

Tutoring will take place in the large, central area, room 200.

Room 201 will be a studying/quiet area

Snacks and food will be in room 209. 

Room 203 has 30 computers that participants will be able to use.